Support TV moniteur / Full Motion 17 to 27 inch screen

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Flexi Full Motion support mural pour écrans et moniteurs 17 ~ 27 pouces, jusqu’à 15 livres.

Conforme à la norme VESA : 75 x 75 mm et 100 x 100 mm.

Installation murale facile, est livré avec des instructions détaillées (anglais) et tout le matériel nécessaire 

Auto-ajustent dynamique flottante upright positions portée jusqu’à 11.2 pouces

Produit de construction robuste et durable, avec joint conique qui fournit un fonctionnement fluide et stable.

Gestion de câble interne permet d’avoir des câbles propre et bien rangé.

+90 à -90 degré pour orienter l "écran

Inclinable de +35 ~ -50.

Facile d’installation

Livraison gratuite !!

Livraison estimé 1 à 4 jours.

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Ergonomics wall mount for most 17"- 27" inch screens and monitors, please make sure the monitor weight between 4.4lbs to 15lbs

VESA-compliant patterns 75x75mm and 100x100mm

+35 to -50 degree screen tilt, +90 to -90 degree swivel ,

Max extension to 11.2" push your display out of the way when not in use

Simple installation and effortless operation, comes with detailed instructions and all needed hardware

Revolutionize the way you view your TV and computer screens with the Gas Strut TV Wall Mount !

It is a fully articulating ergomomics wall installation monitor mount .

 It is designed and built with ecological interface concept to enhence your viewing and gaming experience.

Built in with durable Gas-strut to enable to move your monitor any direction and height at your wish.

With added spring pivot joint designed offer effortless tilting position.

What's more, screen offer 360° rotation for different function usages.

With its flexibility design in retractable and extendablearms provide space saving in a limited area.

This full motion mount covers almost every viewing point inyour rooms where-ever you installed for entertainment, video conference, gaming or real time excercising with your idol.

This Product is a Double-arm extension comes with micro polish and chromed finished aluminum alloy with well integrated cable management for best a esthetics looked and strength.

Fix your monitor at wherever you want it to be with light touch

All directions Maximum flexibility allows various users tosit or stand to watch TV comfortably with desired perfect angle

Fine polished arms without any painting meet the requirement of environment projection

Hidden cable management conceals the cables below mount neatly

Gravity designed pivot enables static viewing position

Polished aluminum with unique recipe & stainless steelmade maximum strength & aesthetics

Fits most 17”-27” monitors

Support max weight 4.4-15 lbs (2-7kg)

VESA compliant 75x75, 100x100mm

Lift: 6.2”(155mm)


Tilt: +35º to -50º

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