Support magnétique puissant / Powerful Mount Bracket Sucker Holder Magnetic Base

$98.88 $129.99
Size:  2PCS L Magnetic bracket

2 supports de fixation magnétique

Support de grande qualité en Acier inoxydable + base magnétique

Couvert de caoutchouc pour éviter les rayures en surface

poids :1,50 kg

Caractéristiques principales :
Matière : Acier inoxydable + base aimantée
Couleur : Noir
Poids : 1,50 kg/Lot

Caractéristiques :
Support de fixation universel (sans driill, pas de modification nécessaire)
Facile à installer
Avantage produit :
Contenu :
2 support de base magnétique (les lumières ne sont pas inclus)

Livraison gratuite !

Expédition estimé 1 à 4 jours 

Besoin d'information:


Powerful Mount Bracket Sucker Holder Magnetic Base for Roof Led Light Bar Offroad

The powerful mount bracket can mount led pods, 52" straight light bar or curved light bar and it hold fine driving up to 120 mph (193 Km h) on the highway and don't budge while wheeling off road

Material Type: 304 Stainless Steel +12PCS Powerful Magnet Base+ Rubber Pad

They are powerful magnets,they will hold up to almost anything you need, for example, the magnetic mounts can be put on a slow slope in the roof.

The powerful magnetic base mount bracket have rubber covers to keep from scratching surface

Package Included:2pcs Magnetic Base Bracket . Weight: 1.30kg/set

Key Features: 
Material Type: Stainless Steel + Magnet Base
Car Model: All
Color: Black 
Weight: 1.50kg/set

Universal mounting bracket using (no driill, no modification required) 
Easy to install
Can mount any off-road lights, LED work lights, LED lightbar, etc
Strong magnetic. We test the base bracket with 120W,180W and 240W single row LED light bar separately, 
emergency braking in 100km/h, no shaking and fall down

Product Advantage: 
No more drifting holes all over your lovely ride, lights canbe installed directly. 

Package Included: 
2pcs Magnetic Base Bracket (The lights are not include) 

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