Horloge, caméra cachée / Spy Hidden Camera Clock


$88.88 $109.99

Caméra cachée avec affichage de l’heure digital

Format de qualité Full HD 1080P

Encodage H.265 pour une longueur d’enregistrement beaucoup plus longue

Résolution d’image jusqu’à 1920 * 1080


Lentille grand-angle, night vision, microphone audio omnidirectionnelle

Utilise votre réseau Wifi pour transmettre en direct via votre téléphone intelligent, tablette

Accepte une carte mémoire (recommandé 32 Gigs class 10 ou mieux)

Avec une carte 32 Gigs, enregistrer jusqu’à 48 heures due aux encodages H.265

Utiliser la fonction détecteur de mouvement dans l’application (APP) et la fonction alarme

APP `` HDminicam`` ou QR codes

Un message vous sera envoyé quand il y aura du mouvement dans la pièce

Manuel d’instruction en anglais

Lien vidéo tutoriel disponible gratuitement avec les instructions (anglais) plus faciles que de lire les instructions

Compatible avec rooter 2.4G wifi

Non compatible avec rooter 5G wifi

Se branche à une prise de courant standard (adaptateur AC inclus)

Livraison estimée 1 à 4 jours

Besoin d'information : 





Full HD 1080P, the video adopts H.265 encoding, which is more HD than ordinary encoding in the market.

Compared with H.265, the video can save more than 2 times of the memory capacity. 1920*1080 resolution, the video resolution can be 1080P/960P/720P/480P to adapt to different quality networks.

Video record mode is optional as need: motion detection video / all-day video / time-based video, it can still record even without WIFI, just cannot remotely view.

Night Vision Fill Light + Wide Angle Lens + Omnidirectional Microphone, It comes with a 940nm invisible infrared auxiliary fill light that human eye can't see it shining.

 You can set it to turn on or off at the time you want.

After the auxiliary fill light is illuminated, the conservative test: the visibility is 2 meters in the completely dark, and if there is faint light in the environment, the visible range is 5-8 meters.

Wide-angle lens to expand your viewing range; built-in 5m omnidirection

Loop Recording, When SD card ( NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE) is full, the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest video with the latest video.

You can view, play or download videos from the remote SD card to your phone at any time via your mobile phone to ensure that important videos are not overwritten.

Storage mode, external TF card, support CLASS 10 or higher speed,  (32G recommended), usually 32G supports more than 48 hours of video storage.

Motion Detection and Alarm Notification, turn on the motion detection function on the APP, the camera will push the alarm notification to your mobile phone once a moving object is detected, there will be also a snapshot reminder on the APP, which will make you more worry free. (Note: Please set the app to be allowed for background running.

Before using the clock camera, please watch the instructional video carefully:
There is a video teaching QR code on the package. Scan the QR code to enter the viewing. Watching the instructional video is easier than using the camera or viewing the operating instructions. Here, due to layout restrictions, the content is incomplete, please understand, thank you.

Broadcast the wireless network, the name of the network requires

 For the wireless network sent by the router, the camera can only identify the wireless network named in English or English + digital.

The camera does not recognize and connect to wireless networks named after other text or special symbols.

Be sure to remember the password you set yourself, and the next steps will use the password when connecting to the camera.

When setting up the camera remote operation for the first time, the phone must first connect to the current home or office 2.4G wireless network, the camera only supports 2.4G wifi network, not compatible with 5G wifi network.

For the first time connection, please bring the camera close to the home router, it is recommended to be within 5 meters, it will be easier to connect successfully in good network signal environment.

please use the matching 5V 1A adapter to connect the camera.

Turn on the “ON” button and then connect after 3 minutes,support recording while charging.

Download the "HDminicam" APP from the App Store or directly scan the QR code in the user guide to download.

If the camera UID cannot be found in the WLAN of the mobile phone, reset operation: see the red light flashing regularly. At this time, press and hold the R button for about 8 seconds.

After the light is off, release it and turn it back on.

When the red light flashes slowly, it means that the reset is successful.

You can find the product UID number in the WLAN of the mobile phone and connect it when the camera display is online.


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