Câblage pour Barre DEL / Universal LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kits


$28.88 $34.99

Câblage universel pour branchement de barre de lumière DEL (LED)

Câblage de 12 pieds avec interrupteur (switch) IP68, et relais de protection.

Branchement pour 1 ou 2 barre de lumières

Compatible avec tous les véhicules 12 à 24 volts

Relais de protection de 40 ampères. Et fusible de 40 AMP. Inclus.

Accepte jusqu’à 500 watts max.

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Livraison estimée 1 à 4 jours.

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 UP to 500W LoadCapacity: 2 Lead wiring harness with On/Off sealed rocker switch, blue laser rocker switch for perfect visual effect and use experience

·        Sturdy and Durable:Made of strengthened plastic and well-conductive pins, and all patterns are etched directly onto the switch surface to ensure long-lasting durability

·        Easy to Install:More than 12 ft of wiring from relay to lights, 2 sets of power connectors to light fixture

·        Universal Fitment:Compatible with all vehicles or boats (12-24 V), used for all LED lightsbar and work lights

·        Dual Protection Wiring System: 40A Power Relay & Inline Blade Fuse for multiple safety protection, 1 year warranty

The wiring harness for LED off road lights is a perfect accessory for off-road vehicles, working vehicles, and any automobile or boat that could use a relay to power specific equipment 
Consisting of a 40 AMP relay, an illuminated on/off LASER ROCKER SWITCH, and more than 12 feet of wiring 
This wiring harness for LED off road lights simplifies the installation process of powering various equipment.

- MAXPower Wattage: 500 W 
- On/Off Switch: 20A/12 V DC 
- Relay: 40A IP 68 
- Fuse: 40A 
- Length of Wiring: More than 12 feet 
- Connectors for Lights: 2 sets

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