Couverture chauffante / Heating Pad Wrap Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad(25 x 26 inch)


$68.98 $89.99

Cette couverture chauffante mesure 25" x 26"

Idéal pour couvrir le cou, et les épaules ui donne une sensation confortable

 Facile d’utilisation, procure une chaleur confortable rapidement en 3 minutes

Choisissez parmi 6 niveaux de chauffage pour un meilleurs confort

Fabrication durable, doux, confortable

Lavable à la machine

Livraison gratuite !

Expédition estimé 1 à 4 jours 

Besoin d'information :


The large heat wrap measures 25" x 26", which provides perfect coverage for neck, shoulders and upper back while delivering soothing and penetrating heat to relieve soreness, fatigue, tension, and stress

Keep yourself warm when watching TV or reading books with heat therapy wrap

The electric heating pad heats rapidly within 3 minutes and there are 6 optional heat settings to meet your different needs under various situations like changing seasons, offering you optimum comfort all the time

The wrap heating pad is made of soft and skin-friendly fabrics, offering harmonious skin contact and efficient heat preservation

Disconnected from the controller and power cord, the entire heated neck wrap is machine washable for more hygienic use and easier care (do not use until all parts are completely dry)

Different from other heating pad wraps, this heat wrap pad will snugly embrace you around neck and shoulder areas benefiting from slightly weighty edges and magnetic clasp, without the need to support with your hands

Just indulge yourself in the hands-free comfort without restriction of your mobility like operating the controller and the heat pad for neck shoulder back adbominal hand foot legs waist

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